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8.8 Review score
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    8 March 2018
    Amazing experience
    The staff is really friendly and kind, they help us for everything we need. Special mention for Riffath and Ripon :) but thanks to all #KoimalaTeam! The food was also good, and the room was nice. There were a lot of different things to do in Maamigili, like excursion to sandbank and discover the awesome Fenfushi island, snorkeling trips, manta diving and we were also lucky to see whale sharks.We couldnt ask for more. Thanks a lot for make our holidays the best!
    7 March 2018
    Very disaapointing - exaggeration to the point of cheating
    On, Koimala exaggerates the facilities and photos to the point of cheating. When I arrived I got a deluxe room though I had booked a comfort room. When I told the manager, the room was "magically" suddenly the comfort room and I couldn't see the other rooms as they were already occupied. He told me I could change later if available, but despite the hotel being vacant the last 2-3 nights, it was never offered. I was left with the feeling, they gave me lower quality room and never intended for me to see the better room I was supposed to have. On arrival, I raised concern of noise because the room was next to the front door and reception area but the manager promised it would not be a problem. Nevertheless, I didn't get much sleep the 6 nights I stayed here - not so much the talking/music during the evenings but every night from around 23-24 until 2am and again from 5am, I was constantly awakened by talking and not least opening/closing of doors. The room was spacious but nothing like the nice photos shown on and it missed many of the promised facilities - for me most notably the view being straight into a concrete wall, the private beach being the island's public tourist beach 900m away, no bath tub or toiletries and no recreational outside areas - no garden and no sun terasse (only terasse filled up with tables for the restaurant). The toilet water (zink, toilet and shower) had a foul smell of sulfur that seemed to worsen every day. In 6 days, my room was not cleaned once - not even emptying of the bin.
    The local breakfast dishes were delicious but beware that they take around 30 minutes to prepare, so if you have an early arrangement better take the simple toast. One morning I was taking the morning ferry to another island and had been promised the local breakfast dish at 6.15 - it arrived at 6.38 leaving 3-4 minutes to wolf it down (and missing 23 minutes of extra sleep); strangely no apologies or explanation. The staff was generally friendly, but it was annoying that the manager kept trying to sell me tours when on arrival I had told him I preferred doing things by myself.
    4 March 2018
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    27 February 2018
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    8 February 2018
    Had a great vacation!
    Rifat and Nawas are excellent and great people. They go all the way to help people. Excursions are planned great and cheap by them.
    8 February 2018
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    1 February 2018
    Perfectly awesome
    Breakfast could be more variate
    Felt like home. It was easy to get everything, service was perfect, they cared for everything to be as comfy as possible and we really enjoyed every second there.
    28 January 2018
    I wanted to surprise my boyfriend for his 30th birthday and we had the most beautiful holidays in ours lifes! The staff is fantastic and so friendly. You feel like at home! The people who lives there are absolutely nice and sweet and the village is totally safe! All activities were amazing: the animals (mantas, turtles, a lot if fishes) were beautiful and we’ve never seen such so beautiful beaches like here in the maledives. The food was incredible! Ripon is an amazing cook, simply the best! Rifath and Nauas are fantastic! They arranged everyday something special for me and my boyfriend! The beachdinner was fantastic, I cried a lot because it was a beautiful surprise for my boyfriend! The Koimala staff does everything for the customers: doesn’t matter wat you fish, they will make everything possible! They brought us also fresh aloe vera to put there where we had a sunburn, too cute! Fenfushi is beautiful and I’ve never seen such an amazing beach like there! The village is very interesting and you can see also how the people live! You can also relax and just see the wonderfull underwater world of the maledives! Our room was perfect and very clean! We will certainly go back at the Koimala but we will stay more than 6 days! We miss you Koimala Team, you are amazing and thank you for everything!
    22 January 2018
    The best staff you could wish for
    The first impression of the island can be a bit off putting, but fear not, it has a lot to offer!
    You could not wish for a more authentic Maldivian experience or a more attentive, kind hearted staff. Rifath, Ripon and Nawaaz are what makes Koimala truly stand out and will do anything to make your trip comfortable, fun and unforgettable. Maamigili is a local island, where you can experience the true Maldivian culture, as tourism as the island itself are in development. This island is a great starting point for daily trips, which the staff of Koimala will be happy to help you with. They have a private boat and arrange any kind of trip you want - from Manta point visit about an hour away (we saw gorgeous 5 meter mantas and a whale shark), whale shark tours - the whale shark point which is considered the best place on Maldives to see a whale shark is right on the island reef, sand bank, trip to a nearby picnic island with the most incredible beach and a reef you can spend hours exploring... For those who want the pampering and comfort of a resort, Holiday Island resort is literally one minute away with a boat and Sun Island is 15 minutes away with a speedboat. Entry is free after 6 pm, but for Sun island, you still have to pay for transportation to get there. Daily pass to Holiday island is 25 dollars, but if you get a massage, you don’t need to pay the entry ;) All in all, Koimala is the perfect choice for the traveler who wants something more than a resort, a genuine connection with the culture and a budget friendly experience of the otherwise pretty expensive Maldives. Big thank you to Ripon, Nawaaz and Rifath for all the kindness and hospitality!
    Bert Maibaum
    21 January 2018
    Extraordinary hotel team
    Facilities referring more to a guesthouse than to a 3 star hotel
    Very friendly staff, always helpful, nice conditions for boat tours when together with other hotel guests, service time every day 6:00am - 11:00pm or longer
    17 January 2018
    We felt them like our family
    15 January 2018
    You feel like a resort guest service
    Mosquitos sometimes up in the area of launch . The food when there are all the guests sometimes is not on time but like everywhere when the hotel is full.
    The air conditioning in the room, the food is very good and the staff always wants to make you feel very comfortable and calm with everything. I have to say THANK YOU to: Ripath is the boss is very professional , helpful and very good human person . He helps me more than I expected and his helping hand here helps me a lot with any inconvenients that I had in my trip for changing my plans at the last. Ripon is very kind , useful in his hotel . Always trying to do everything quickly .He is very nice! . Nauas is very good guy . He knows perfectly how you feel good in all your plans making excursions as your needs.Everybody there are good.
    13 January 2018
    It was a home away from home experience
    6 January 2018
    Amazing place at great price better then the resorts!
    I like every single bit of my stay. Everything was great. They planned our transfer to the Island from Male' airport via domestic flight free of any extra charges. The place amazing from the first looks. The place was clean even though it was close to the beach. The room was really great and clean for the price. The beach was just a few minutes away and we had cycles always available to go to the beach. Cycling on the island was an amazing experience. We spent our new years eve at the nearby resort thanks to them. All the excursions and island tours are really interesting and cheap as compared to the resorts. The food they cook is just too good. 5 stars to these guys and thanks for all the hospitality. There are many other things and I wish I could write more.
    6 January 2018
    Great bicycle, nice beach, nice welcome note and koimala staff are nice
    Maamigilli Is filled with lots of litter and rubbish all over the island. Little to offer in restaurants. Also in my booking states excursions included that would imply that they are free! As a tourist attraction a shark trapped in a sea gully is not for me.
    Bicycle ,local beach hotel was ok
    6 December 2017
    Best staff you can find!
    The bed was a bit hard and they didn’t clean our room every day.
    The staff was really friendly and kind, they help us for everything we need. The food was also good, and the room was very nice. There were a lot of different things to do, like excursion In the nearest island, fish feeding and snorkeling. The hotel is located in a local island with a lot of local people and not so many tourists and we enjoy that, but also if you prefer the resort life you can go to holiday island with 1 minute boat.
    26 November 2017
    There is need replace broken furniture in the room.
    Maamigili island is a good choice in the Maldives because it has its own airport and is relatively easy to get to (several flights per day from Male'). The island is a famous spot for whale shark diving, as well as for snorkeling with most beautiful fishes. I visited for two weeks and had an excellent time at the Koimala Inn. This hotel is comfortable, has large rooms and good infrastructure which works well (restaurant, electricity, air-conditioning, shower, etc.). And it offers an important extra: the hotel has its own small boat which is a crucial advantage when preparing for whale shark seeking trips. But most of all it's the excellent hospitality of Abdulla Nawaz and his team who made the stay really outstanding. They are totally dedicated, give great service and go out of their way to make things possible. And everything in a most friendly way. I sincerely thank them for an unforgettable vacation!
    19 November 2017
    They offer great excursions like for example whale shark watching. Very friendly staff. You can enjoy a fresh coconut from the garden and a fantastic maldivian breakfast.👍
    18 November 2017
    "Hospitality=the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers" Well, all the Koimala staff nailed it, you can easily see that what they do is because they truly believe in it and have passion for it. Are you looking for some fancy, luxurios but "cold" and expensive resort with tip-hunter staff ? Ok, skip the Koimala go somewhere else... but if you are looking for a cozy and clean place where to stay to enjoy the true Maldivian life with the possibility to do several activities (snorkeling with whaleshark, diving...) and with a truly caring staff, you found the right place! Thanks again to Nawaaz and Ripon for the amazing stay, hope to see you again!
    19 October 2017
    All inclusive treatment should be improved
    helpfulness and kindness of the staff, excursions, room.
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